Presentation Title: Evolving User Experience by Embracing Mobile
Speaker: Mr Neil King
Company: University of Cambridge
Presentation abstract: The University of Cambridge started a review of their Student and Advisor self service offerings that culminated in a complete re-skinning of the delivered product and a pilot launch of a mobile enabled student self service offering. The mobile offering embraced GreyHeller's PeopleMobile product and was an instant success with students.

Neil King, The University of Cambridge's Student Systems Manager, will present an overview of the journey of evolution Cambridge went through from their initial institutional goals for the project, the approach they took, their students' requirements and a demonstration of their delivered mobile product. He will also demonstrate and talk about the evolution both Cambridge and GreyHeller have been through since initial implementation to where they are today. Neil will be joined by Larry Grey, President of Grey Heller and one of PeopleSoft’s first 500 employees, who will be able to share his unique insights in to the world of PeopleSoft mobile.

Presentation begins: 09/12/2015 13:10
Presentation duration: 50
Presentation content level: 4 (1 = indepth, 5 = strategic overview)
Audience experience: All experience levels
Audience function: Functional Manager, Product User
Speaker biography:  I have been working with PeopelSoft since joining the University of Cambridge Student Systems team in 2006. I am currently Student Systems Manager in which role I am responsible for the support and development teams daily operations (approx.. 22 FTE). I have worked on numerous projects in my time at Cambridge including upgrades, enhancements to delivered functionality and bespoke bolt on developments. My roles have been largely functional, although I have a firm grasp of the technical aspects of the services I am responsible for.
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Hall: Executive Room 8

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